[Video] Simulation Training for MSKU Guided Knee Joint Injections

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Watch this amazing video, presented by CAE Healthcare & Blue Phantom, presenting the world's most advanced musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKU) simulation training model for joint injections of the knee.



"Studies have shown that musculoskeletal ultrasound guided knee injections are 60% more effective than blind injections administered into the knee by a doctor."

 -- Nick Stoick,  Medical Product Manager,  Blue Phantom

Officially released in autumn 2015, the Blue Phantom MSKU training model for knee joint injections is designed to complement procedural training by delivering a realistic ultrasound scan from just about any ultrasound machine. Learners acquire practice in ultrasound-guided needle placement within a a risk-free environment on their way towards developing technical proficiency and competency.

A Better Way to Practice Ultrasound-Guided Knee Injections:  Blue Phantom


View the Blue Phantom MSKU Knee Trainer Video 

In this video, you'll discover that this unique musculoskeletal simulator for ultrasound-guided injections of the knee

  • includes all anatomy necessary to teach and practice ultrasound guided joint injections 
  • contains realistic distal femur, proximal tibia and fibula, patella, quadriceps tendon, femoral fat pad, quadriceps fat pad, bursa and the joint capsule
  • has patented SimulexUS™ (simulated skin) that matches the acoustic properties of human tissue. No other material available comes close in reliability and durability 



With the Blue Phantom MSKU simulator, even beginner ultrasound users can quickly gain competence in ultrasound-guided needle procedures -- well before they engage with live human patients.

The high fidelity and precise, hands-on training provided by the Blue Phantom MSKU simulation trainer for knee injections facilitates learning, enhances patient comfort, and maximizes patient safety.

More information, product specs and purchasing details available at 

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