Making Healthcare Safer with Better MedTech Training

| Roxanne Blanford

We are living in a time of extraordinary advances in healthcare. Technologies that mix and extend reality, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are being integrated into healthcare education and converging to blur the line between simulation and realism.

This development heightens our understanding of medical procedures in more intuitive ways and raises the standards of, and expectations for, excellence in healthcare training program execution. 

Support for these advanced training modalities is steadily growing and ushering in a greater reliance on simulation as a means to increase the efficacy of medicine and reduce the incidence of medical-related errors. 

CAE Healthcare is leading the way with an expansive portfolio of expertly-conceived and innovatively-designed healthcare training solutions. 

As medical technology becomes more complex, manufacturers must improve safety and reduce risk by developing and delivering effective product training to the full spectrum of healthcare professionals (HCPs), from specialist surgeons to nurses and fellows. 

With ever-evolving market dynamics, it is trainers’ responsibility to ensure HCPs are kept informed and are constantly learning about cutting-edge medical technologies, innovative surgical equipment’s and techniques. They must ensure all products are used properly in order to further improve patient care." * 

With the medical training industry making the transition from traditional methods of teaching to a full-on embrace of modern, high-fidelity simulation-based education, we are presented with this pressing question:
"When it comes to providing the best training possible, is simply replicating reality enough?"

Addressing MedTech Training Challenges

In November 2019 key opinion leaders, subject matter experts, change agents, medical practitioners, educators and executives gathered to examine a range of clinical and medical technology training challenges in Brussels, Belgium at the 4th Annual EU Medical Device & Diagnostic Clinical Education Conference - TT Clinical Education (TTCT).

TTCT 2019, a 2-day, educational and interactive meeting, focused on the chief concerns that confront professionals within the global medtech/clinical training and skills development community. The TTCT conference offered an invaluable opportunity for attendees 'to expand expertise and discover new approaches for supporting product training, improving skills and increasing knowledge retention.'     

Randy Straub, CAE Healthcare Product Manager/Training Products, and one of the featured speakers at the education conference in Brussels, presented cogent and relevant insights during his presentation, delving into the imperative to make training programs more effective and accessible to the medical community.

"Over the past 20 years we have seen medical simulation grow from infancy to maturity, exploding into high-fidelity and hyper-realistic features and scenarios," said Straub, a simulation, didactic and clinical training instructor with experience in interventional radiology, cardiology, and ER and OR radiologic expertise. He also has a background in combat lifesaving and search and rescue.


"Through healthy competition and innovation, simulation companies have advanced medical simulation to amazing levels (and) approaching almost a true-to-life experience," continues Straub.

"However, in this same period of explosive growth, we have also seen the unfortunate rise of medical error as the 3rd largest cause of death in the United States (Johns Hopkins, 2016).  In comparing these two trends, simply replicating reality isn’t enough – we as simulation providers need to make training programs more effective and accessible to the medical community."

Responsible for helping to direct the implementation of CAE Healthcare's rapidly expanding portfolio of training programs, and successfully deliver it to the medical community, Straub's role is key in proving the CAE vision to become the recognized "worldwide training partner of choice" and positioning CAE as the "go-to" resource for comprehensive, all-inclusive simulation training needs.

Says Staub, "In an effort to push the field of simulation to new heights, CAE has been recognized as an industry leader in the field of blended AR and high-fidelity simulation. What excites me most is having the opportunity to help launch a cohesive portfolio of training and support services.

"At TTCT, we highlighted several examples of how CAE has improved training programs in hospitals, medical device, and pharmaceutical organizations, all towards maximizing the efficacy of teams, making systems more efficient, and reducing the risk of errors and adverse outcomes.”

CAE Healthcare partners with organizations worldwide to improve patient safety and help make healthcare safer by offering realistic and relevant healthcare training solutions. From patient, surgical/interventional and imaging simulation, to center management software, learning modules, and data integration, CAE Healthcare helps to advance learning and competency by providing the highest-in-quality of training products and services. 

*excerpt from the TTCT 2019 Agenda

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