CAE LearningSpace Comes to Kent State University

| Roxanne Blanford

Designed by CAE Healthcare, LearningSpace® is a comprehensive audiovisual platform for training center management. The Olga A. Mural Simulation Lab at Kent State University College of Nursing in Kent, Ohio, has now integrated LearningSpace into its patient simulation program.

Research shows that when a simulation training scenario is followed by a high-quality debriefing session, learning and retention benefits. Audiovisual recording and playback enhances debriefing by providing the opportunity to review in-simulation behaviors.  

CAE LearningSpace: A Powerful Training Center Management Tool

LearningSpace offers Kent State's college of nursing simulation lab a robust training environment. Students can observe, learn from others, and complete peer reviews in real-time. During debrief, aspects of the simulation may be evaluated for what went well, or for what may require improvement.

"Kent State is using this software to enhance our current practices in simulation [and to create] a database of simulation recordings instructors can use as teaching tools in the classroom,” said Jennifer Shanholtzer, MSN, RN, simulation lab co-coordinator and lecturer

The simulation lab also benefits from LearningSpace's portability and adaptability. Whether the equipment is used within a one room training environment, or in multiple locations, the system can easily expand to suit any simulation training need.


With LearningSpace 

  • Kent State's nursing program instructors get a complete picture of their learners' knowledge and skills development
  • Patient conditions and responses can be simulated to challenge the learner to practice competencies and critically analyze results
  • Students get hands-on exposure to protocols and situations they will likely encounter when they begin working with actual patients

Starting in the Fall of 2016, all simulation classes at the Olga A. Mural Simulation Lab will have video recording capability.

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