Celebrating World Patient Safety Day

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CAE Healthcare joins the World Health Organization (WHO) in celebrating World Patient Safety Day on September 17, 2020. This is an opportunity to recognize patient safety as a global health priority.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus for World Patient Safety Day this year is on healthcare worker safety, and its close connection with patient safety. In 2020, clinical professionals have had to face new challenges such as limited access to personal protective equipment and even more stress than normal in the workplace. In this environment of additional stressors, it is more important than ever for healthcare professionals to take care of your overall wellbeing.


Safe patient healthcare requires a knowledgeable, skilled and motivated clinical workforce. In many circumstances, better safety starts with knowledge. Therefore, the WHO encourages healthcare professionals to speak up for safety by:

  • Ensuring you are trained and aware of infection prevention and control
  • Proactively contributing to strengthening a safety culture at work
  • Improving your knowledge, skills and competencies for safety in health care
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities for a safe work environment


In addition to current health workers, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the education of future clinical professionals. The WHO urges higher education institutions with healthcare programs to:

  • Incorporate healthcare worker safety, and infection prevention and control into curricula
  • Develop e-learning modules to deliver appropriate training for clinical learners
  • Conduct research to identify strategies for supporting the wellbeing of healthcare professionals
  • Generate evidence for health worker safety, which can inform policy, regulations and standards of practice


Always focused on delivering educational tools to make healthcare safer, CAE Healthcare has created a suite of integrated education and training solutions to help healthcare providers navigate the realities of COVID-19. “We are committed to just-in-time education and training for facilities to manage highly complex, communicable patients, plus current and coming healthcare workers,” said Amar Patel, Chief Learning Officer of CAE Healthcare Academy.


Join CAE Healthcare in making safety a priority with free resources, including:


In 2020, World Patient Safety Day coincides with Healthcare Simulation Week, which aims to raise awareness on how healthcare simulation contributes to more effective patient care. CAE Healthcare’s spectrum of simulation solutions allow healthcare students and workers to develop practical experience through simulation, which can be done in person, or virtually.


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