CAE Supports Academic Research in Simulation Training

| Roxanne Blanford

Leeds Beckett University, a public university in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom, utilizes the CAE LearningSpace audiovisual/center management solution to facilitate learning objectives in its simulation-based healthcare training programs.

CAE's AVS team recently unveiled an Academic Research Program with the goal of promoting and encouraging research currently being conducted by LearningSpace users all over the world.

Ann Sunderland, Director of Clinical Skills and Simulation in the School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett, submitted a proposal to develop a tool to calculate the impact of a student’s simulated encounter with a patient. 

The project was chosen to form part of CAE Healthcare's on-going LearningSpace research and development program.

I feel honoured to have been selected for the international CAE Learning Space Academic Research Program. It's great that others believe your idea has real merit and hopefully can be utilized to enhance research into simulation-based education in the future. I'm really looking forward to working with CAE on this exciting project in the months to come!” *

Ann Sunderland is a focused educational strategist with a keen interest in both clinical assessment and simulation. She represents the university in a number of expert panels internationally, and spear-headed the academic research project submitted to CAE Healthcare.

The project, Patient Impact Scoring, will build on Ms. Sunderland's PhD research. With CAE Healthcare’s LearningSpace Intuity technology, Project Impact Scoring will explore the overall impact of a simulation encounter on a standardized patient and the student learner in postgraduate studies. 

Leeds Beckett University uses CAE LearningSpace throughout its Clinical Skills Suite. With a total of 13 cameras, including four mobile cameras, LearningSpace fulfills multi-faceted purposes.

LearningSpace gives the university the ability to record all objective structured clinical examinations OSCEs. The system securely saves all OSCE scenarios and permits easy review of students' video performances and the examiner's marking and feedback.

"This has been an exciting and informative process for our team. It was inspiring for us to see how many excellent and well thought out suggestions we received," said Matt Wittman, Audiovisual Solutions Product Specialist at CAE Healthcare. "We thank all who participated in this process and look forward to sharing more about these exciting new features in the months to come!"

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