“CAE Lucina is My Dream Come True” Proclaims Hungarian Midwife & Professor

| Roxanne Blanford

My name is Dr. Eszter Borján. 


I am a senior lecturer at Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences, in Budapest, Hungary. My primary profession is that of midwife and nurse (BSc and MSc level). I have been working in clinical practice since 1990, mostly within obstetrics as a midwife (delivery room, postpartum units), in gynecology departments, and as a head nurse at an infertility center. 

I now practice as a volunteer midwife, dealing with prenatal care and prenatal classes, in addition to teaching at Semmelweis University. I am working nowadays with the CAE Lucina childbirth simulator almost every day. Here, I would like to discuss my professional teaching experiences with this simulator and offer my first-hand impressions. 

"I have been working as a teacher at Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences since 2007. The first high-fidelity simulator to arrive at our institution was the ECS (by METI) in 2007, almost together with me. I realized at first sight that it was an amazing teaching tool. Dr. Stefan Mönk and Amanda Wilford (of the CAE Healthcare Academy) had presented courses to us about adopting simulation as a new educational method. (thanks to Stefan and Mandy! )
"I decided to do my doctoral degree in this topic (simulation) and started to evaluate students' attitudes toward this method, specifically the effectiveness of our courses, their skills acquisition and activities with Creighton Simulation Evaluation Instrument, and getting permission from the developers of this tool. We integrated all the simulators into our education programs: nursing, midwifery, paramedic, physiotherapy, etc. The integration was successful, and our students were satisfied with this new method. I completed my studies and I defended my doctoral thesis in 2016. 

"When I saw that CAE started to develop a childbirth simulator, I was very happy. From that point on, it was my dream to have CAE Lucina! Lucina was my dream came true!"

Superior Training in Post-Partum Hemorrhage Management

Using high-fidelity simulators can help students to understand physiology, and the complexity of cases can help synthesize their knowledge.

The high-fidelity childbirth simulator, CAE Lucina, is suitable for simulating normal pregnancy, normal labour, birth with breech presentation, fetal tachycardia caused by the mother's fever, postpartum haemorrhage, mother's cardiac arrest, eclampsia, umbilical cord prolapse, and shoulder dystocia ...

The two most important advantages of simulation in education are
1. risk-free practice in a life-like environment
2. the demonstration of those rare cases that students have little chance to meet during their clinical internship*

CAE Lucina Provides Advanced Training in Obstetric Simulation

"CAE Lucina arrived in 2016 and we started to integrate it into our obstetrics curriculum. This process is continuing, as we are developing and improving our practice every day.  

"I use almost all the scenarios of Lucina. Students can work with the simulator like they never could within a real situation. She is extremely lifelike. The delivery is very similar to real birth. Main movements (such as the turning of the fetus) and maneuvers to manage shoulder dystocia, are amazing and very real. Also, the reality of the CTG makes it my favorite one!

"The learning objectives depend on the level of the students and on the educational program. I have no technical help so I must prepare everything before the simulation practice, during and after the class as well. I am a practicing midwife so I add my real clinical experiences to my simulation classes."

"I have a favorite story about the paramedic students I would like to share. 

"These students usually have no opportunity to practice deliveries because of the limited hours in the obstetric area, and the intimacy of this event. Despite this, they must do this in real life in an emergency situation -- if the delivery is happening too quickly, or they cannot transport the pregnant woman to the hospital in time. They worry about this situation and at the beginning of our class, they usually tell me that they wouldn’t like to take part in this situation in the future. After our class, they tell me: Okay now we are ready to do it.  We are not worried anymore!" 

"This is the meaning and importance of the simulation for me!"

Advancing a Culture of Patient Safety with Advanced Healthcare Training Solutions

CAE Healthcare is on a mission to improve patient safety and outcomes by providing innovative solutions, simulation expertise and world-class support, we deliver educational services and quality products to help prepare interprofessional clinical teams to do their best every day.

Our training solutions  are designed to improve confidence, competency and teamwork for better patient outcomes.

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* Dr. Eszter Borján, senior lecturer, Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Clinical Studies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology "High-fidelity childbirth simulator" (Three-year teaching experience in simulation education), accessed from,threeyear-teaching-experience-in-simulation-education.html

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