CAE Healthcare, iRIS Simulation Authoring Platform to Share Coronavirus Scenario

| Roxanne Blanford

Since 2019, CAE Healthcare has been the exclusive global distributor of the iRIS simulation authoring platform for healthcare.  In the wake of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19), iRIS and CAE have taken this relationship one step further.

In an effort to provide collaborative learning opportunities that are of relevance to healthcare workers during the current coronavirus pandemic, iRIS Health Solutions has made CAE’s COVID-19 Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) available to the global iRIS community, free of charge

Complimentary access to CAE's COVID-19 SCE through the iRIS Health Solutions platform is also granted to all 4,200 members of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) across 60 countries.

“Amid this crisis, we are working in unison with our partners to support front-line healthcare providers with training resources and expertise as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Rekha Ranganathan, President of CAE Healthcare.

The iRIS Healthcare Authoring Platform helps clinical educators deliver learning that is aligned with best practices, and it can be integrated into a broad spectrum of simulation training scenarios, from manikins to Standardized Patients to virtual learning.

The CAE SCE is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Mandarin. 


iRIS: Leading the way in collaborative simulation scenario authoring

A rapidly growing number of clinical educators across the world use the iRIS health simulation authoring platform to create learning content that aligns with society standards and regional healthcare practices. The software allows collaboration and sharing and supports summative and formative assessments across campuses. 

With iRIS (a web-based simulation authoring platform that drives quality and consistency in healthcare training scenarios), there is no need to "reinvent the wheel." The platform provides a centralized repository for content development and team collaboration, regardless of physical location. This enables support for all scenario authoring and ensures different teams are effectively using the same scenario -- even if they are utilizing different simulators.

 In January 2019, CAE Healthcare announced the integration of iRIS and its Maestro operating software, which allowed users to easily export clinical scenarios for CAE Healthcare patient simulators. The new agreement builds upon the strength of both companies as innovators in healthcare education for nursing and medical specialties. 

“We are incredibly excited to team up with CAE to continue the industry’s determination to improve patient safety and drive standards. This relationship will enable the acceleration of this vision," said Phil Purver, Managing Director of iRIS Health Solutions Ltd.

"With our global community of simulation professionals, iRIS is in a unique position to aid the rapid delivery, creating, and sharing of training scenarios for COVID-19. We applaud CAE Healthcare's quick response to the situation. This is not the time for us each to be creating training from scratch, but more for us to all pull together and share resources."

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