5 Tips for Preparing the Gastric Secretion Feature in METIman

| Roxanne Blanford

Here's another useful tip for the CAE Healthcare METIman Nursing Manikin! 

Tips & Tricks 
Preparing the METIman Nursing Gastric Secretion Feature

  1. Follow the current procedure, which creates a negative pressure in the reservoir.
  2. With 60 mL syringe, aspirate back 60 mL of air 3 times at the Gastric Fill port on MMN’s left shoulder.
  3. Prime reservoir by inserting 60 mL of distilled water into the Gastric Fill port of MMN’s left shoulder.
  4. Insert #14 French nasogastric tube.
  5. Connect nasogastric tube to suction with a minimum pressure of 30 mm HG. Use catheter tip syringe to aspirate secretions. Generally up to 45 mL of secretions can be removed with one aspiration.

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