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Make learning ultrasound faster and easier

Vimedix is an innovative ultrasound training platform that allows trainees to learn ultrasound more easily and more quickly without any risk to actual patients. The simulator consists of a realistic manikin, simulated ultrasound probes and a software platform that provides modular instructional content and an extensive pathology library.

By leveraging CAE Healthcare’s innovative technology and expertise in simulation, learning to use Ultrasound has never been more easy and engaging.

  • Instructional tools (i.e. Augmented Reality, Target Cut Planes) that facilitate the learning of ultrasound
  • Self-directed instructional content that allows training to be scalable even with limited availability of live instructors
  • Adjustable settings that modify the learning experience and difficulty level based on the level of proficiency of the trainee and the objectives of an instructor
  • Over 190 pathologies currently available


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We purchased CAE’s Vimedix ultrasound training platform and have been incredibly pleased. The ICCU curriculum is a robust, self-directed learning experience that methodically takes the learner through the basics of physics up to advanced scanning, image acquisition and interpretation. The pathology packages are varied and encompass those commonly seen and the less obvious. Users of the system have raved about its ease of use. Thank you for a top-notch system coupled with professional, respectful, and proactive sales and customer service."

Dr. Joshua Lenchus
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Anesthesiology
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


Vimedix™: The most elegant and comprehensive ultrasound simulator

Now available in three base units:



Realistic training experience

  • Manikin to simulate scanning on patient and allow development of basic probe manipulation skills
  • Replicated ultrasound settings and tools
  • Realistic artefact that mimics real-life challenges of performing ultrasound exams

Innovative teaching tools that enhance and accelerate learning

  • Augmented reality to teach structure identification and spatial orientation
  • Comprehensive anatomy, with ability to add/remove structures and artefact

Self-directed learning tools and instructional content to make learning scalable

  • Target Cut Planes to learn how to obtain specific ultrasound views without the need for a live instructor
  • Instructional Content with modules from basic probe manipulation to completion of clinical measurements and reports
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